Thursday, December 5, 2013

Have you ever felt your game of golf is being held back by your thoughts and mind?

Mind-Golf is a development of MindSoft Therapy which is designed specifically to run in conjunction with existing golf technique training by specifically optimizing your mental and emotional strength as a golf player.

Have you ever noticed the predicable nature of the human mind to repeat the same programmed response to a given trigger stimuli?  For example, when a repeating event takes place on the golf course, players often react in the same way time after time.

These “fixed” programmed responses to external triggers and thoughts, will spoil your game of golf and block you from reaching your true potential as a golfer.

At Norwell Clinic, we can offer you Mind-Golf sessions that will defuse these negative self limiting mind programs, which had they triggered, would have effected your confidence and disrupted your game.

While you focus your thoughts on a particular problem or concern in game, we will test to identify the focus points of the issue along with percentage burden level, time frame, your confidence levels etc…. We will also test to identify the specific treatment points required to defuse this active negative programming. We will tell you what we have found and then guide you through the process of defusing the issues that had been affecting your golf.

With these negative burdens successfully defused, you will experience a sense of freedom and a single minded focus towards increased enjoyment of your future games of golf.

The sessions last one hour and we are holding the price per sessions at £40

For more information please call: John Cooper at Perth Airport, Scone on 01738 550091

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How Silent Counselling will help you let go of STRESS!

Silent Counselling is an effective treatment for the broad range of everyday physical, mental and emotional problems that inevitably occur in a person’s life. During your Silent Counselling session, we will address any subconscious underlying issues which cause emotional pain and possibly be triggering physical pain, panic attacks and other issues.

During your one hour session, you will experience the change from feeling a victim to issues, to one of choice. You will get back the freedom to move on and make positive changes in your life.
After your session, we will provide you with your very own Silent Counselling techniques to go home which will induce relaxation and peace.

The key elements of Silent Counselling are:

  • Diffusion of painful emotions without the need to talk about them
  • Effective anger management
  • Diffusion of self sabotage and low self esteem
  • Effective stress reduction
  • Stops panic attacks

Silent Counselling avoids event recall or the painful reliving of traumatic or embarrassing experiences of the past or anticipated fear of future events.

You will feel relaxed after the session and lighter.

Monday, August 26, 2013

--------"Welcome to our Clinic"---------

Please take a look at out Clinic Introductory Video.

Welcome to the Energetic Way to see your life!

Saturday, June 22, 2013


3 Sessions for the price of 2 Sessions

Whether you need to boost your energy or are in need of deep relaxation

Marjorie and John’s therapy work will meet your needs.

Telephone 01738 550091 or e mail for an appointment

This offer will close on 31st August 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

Workshops/Training Courses

Are you interested in Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology?

Would you be interested in attending one of our forthcoming training workshops or courses for your own self development or to become a practising therapist yourself?

Please see below details of our future training workshops/courses taking place at our in-house training centre. 
Please follow the links below for more information and for booking.

For future workshop/Training Courses details, please phone 01738 550091 for the details.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Interested in Becoming a Therapist ?

Have you ever felt the wish to start a career helping others?

Life as a therapist is both personally rewarding and fulfilling. The work is truly satisfying helping others optimise their own health and happiness, all while receiving for yourself the benefits of personal growth and understanding of your life.

Have you every wished that you where your own boss, free from the control of others while enjoying the financial returns of your own business?  

We will help you through the transition from perhaps starting with an initial interest in energy medicines and wishing to help others. Then through the stage of learning the skills to be a therapist and onto the practical aspects of setting up your own business. For example in Bio Energy Healing Training, one complete morning is spent with an accountant assisting trainees with advice on business start ups and their financial queries. Other opportunities include becoming a Silent Counselling Therapist, MindSoft Therapist and a MindSoft Life-Coach.

You may be interested in become a practicing therapist, as a Sole Trader or working from an established Centre. Or you may simply be wishing to train to enhance your personal understanding of life and self growth. Either way your will appreciate the practical and grounded focus to our training. From our experience the clients of today appreciate a practical and grounded approach in our climate of financial concerns and uncertainity.

There has never been a better time join a team in one of our energy workshops and get ready for your life to change!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Benefits of Training in Silent Counselling

 Silent Counselling is an effective treatment for the broad range of every day physical, mental and emotional problems that inevitably occur in a person’s life. During Silent Counselling training the student learns how to address the subconscious underlying issues which cause the client emotional pain, possibly leading to the self medication of drugs or alcohol, the manifestation of physical elements, panic attacks etc….. The client may then move from the victim state into one of choice with freedom to move on and make positive changes in their lives.

Silent Counselling may also be used as a self help tool to address the emotional burdens which are an inevitable part of our lives. Self development is an integral part of the two day training.

This approach avoids event recall or the painful reliving of traumatic or embarrassing experiences of the past or anticipated fear of future events. Unless an underlying emotional issue is addressed any physical or mental condition tends to return. Using Silent Counselling procedures the trainee can rapidly identify and defuse the root cause as triggering and secondary issues associated with the negative emotion and distress felt by the client